Pauline's Book Publishing Business

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We are always impressed by Scholars who are just embarking upon our Educate! Experience program as young leaders and entrepreneurs. Their stories as leaders have just begun, yet the impact that they are already making will positively impact the lives of others for years to come.


Below are snapshots of two of our rising stars:

Ogwal Maxson became an entrepreneur at a young age to help provide for his family and pay for his school fees. When he joined Educate!, Ogwal started a brick making business. His business currently employs 10 youth, eight who can now pay school fees and two who can help support their families.

Ogwal has not only helped his family and the youth he employs, but he has found a way to give back to the community. For every 10,000 bricks his business makes, he gives 200  bricks to a nearby school. This has allowed the school to build new classrooms and enroll more students, giving more youth the chance of a better future.

Ogwal’s most recent project, Good Samaritans, supports those affected by HIV/AIDS by cleaning their homes, washing their clothes, collecting water, and even building new homes for those most in need. Thirty families have benefited directly from the project and many more have been helped indirectly through outreach and awareness efforts.

Ogwal’s vision is to attend university to study agriculture so he can learn new ways to improve his community.

Pauline Madudu dreams of owning a shoe factory and a book publishing business. To make her dream a reality, she researched and created business plans outlining marketing plans and supplier relationships. Pauline has already partnered with her school for a contract to supply books to over 1,000 students who cannot afford to purchase them.

Pauline also recently won a school-wide competition for her model of an energy-saving stove. She believes that with the future success of her businesses, she can change her community by providing jobs for Ugandan youth.

Ogwal and Pauline demonstrate what Educate! Scholars are truly capable of and the powerful impact they have.