Nathan's Dairy Business and Daniel's Micro-Windmill

Reading about the impact of our Scholars is always exciting, especially when you can tell they are thinking big! See below for snapshots of two such students: 

Nathan Rugyemura: Growing up in a predominantly ranching community in Western Uganda, Nathan Rugyemura experienced firsthand the challenges livestock farmers encounter accessing markets and healthcare for their livestock. Nathan created a solution by setting up a veterinary shop in his community and providing farmers in his far-off community better access to markets. Nathan’s shop in Kampala, which he established and has continued to grow with mentorship and support from Educate!, purchases and sells dairy products to Kampala’s upper market. Nathan’s income has recently grown to be over $100 per month, enabling him to stay at university while providing income to other youth he now employs. He is also a peer mentor for other Educate! students and is nurturing ambitions to become a leader in the Ugandan government.

Daniel Tayebwa: When you first meet Daniel Tayebwa more likely than not he will talk to you passionately about the micro-windmill he has invented. Putting this invention to good use, Daniel decided to utilize it to help meet the needs of his community. While still in secondary school and an Educate! scholar, Daniel noticed the need for affordable, consistent access to barber services around his school. The only barber they had traveled and visited their community just once every two weeks. Combining this need with his micro-windmill, Daniel created a wind-powered barbershop to provide consistent, affordable barber services within his community. As he continues to expand upon his micro-windmill, Daniel has set-up a craft making business as well as a retail shop to supplement his income. With continuous support from Educate!, Daniel has witnessed progressive growth in his monthly profits and now makes over $200 each month. 


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