Blessed's Rabbit Business

Educate! Graduate Blessed was featured in a story in the Ugandan Daily Monitor today. Blessed has a successful rabbit raising business that she started after tasting rabbit for the first time at her grandmother's house back in February. She checked all the shops and supermarkets but could not find any that sold rabbit meat, and she immediately decided to fill that niche.

Photo BY D. BUKENYA.  Daily Monitor

Photo BY D. BUKENYA. Daily Monitor

Using the entrepreneurial skills she learned through Educate! at Namugongo Secondary and Vocational school in Jjanda, she purchased 5 rabbits-1 male and 4 females. Four months later she boasts 70 rabbits on her farm, collects rabbits from other farmers, and employs 5 people to help her process the rabbits to make meat and sausages. Her business makes almost $200 a month and she is saving money to expand her business and to pay for her university tuition.

Educate! is proud of Blessed and her successful rabbit raising business!