The Entrepreneurial Potential at the Bottom of Africa's Pyramid

A recent article at AFKInsider interviewed Educate! Director of External Relations Loren Crary about the potential of entrepreneurship to fuel development in African countries. Speaking about Educate! scholars, Loren says, “When you see what small investment in a young person’s skills can do and where they can take it, it’s really exciting.” 

At Educate!, we believe that African youth are an untapped resource, and that youth can fuel the creation of a robust market economy. Through mentorship, business skills training, and practical experience, Educate! scholars are prepared to start their own businesses and to be part of the solution to youth unemployment and poverty. 

In addition, the article notes that development goals are served by a focus on entrepreneurship: "entrepreneurship might also present a path to steady and powerful economic growth. After all, the American economy rests firmly on the strength of its small businesses, which comprise about half of the private sector and 99% of all firms. Could the same hold true for Africa? More immediately, growing entrepreneurship also means the potential for more home-grown multinationals, and for attracting foreign partners, investors, and acquirers." 

Educate! is proud to support the young leaders of Africa. We thank Loren for her insightful words and AFKInsider for a thought-provoking article! Read it for yourself here: