Crazy Wild Dreams

At Educate! we can’t resist sharing a good story. 

Late last year The Forward Foundation visited Uganda to spend time with our inspiring Scholars and staff. They put together incredible profiles and videos that we are eager to share with you. Take a look.

Ernest – Uganda’s Star Baker


“I live in a remote village. I was looking for baked products but there was nothing. I thought ‘I should make them.’ And that is where it all started.”

Ernest launched Satiety Bakery when he was still in school and now, through Educate!’s Youth Business Accelerator, he is developing the skills to expand his enterprise. Learn about the rise of Ernest's business and the role his Educate! Mentor played in his success. 

Otim and Educate!’s Invisible Hand


Otim began his work with Educate! as a Mentor, helping to empower and challenge students. Now Otim works as Educate!’s Senior Program Coordinator for Design and Training and, in this capacity, we are excited to share that Otim has also recently been selected for Acumen’s third cohort of East Africa Fellows.

Listen to Otim talk about the “crazy wild dreams” of some of his students and you’ll see why he has been accepted into this great program.

We hope you are as inspired by Ernest and Otim as we are, and that you’ll share these stories with those around you.