Huge News

There’s nothing better than when it all comes together. And for us, 2014 is coming together in a monumental way. After extensive research, development, and planning in 2013, Educate! is thrilled to announce that last month we expanded our reach and successfully launched the Educate! model in over 200 schools across Uganda.

Increasing our work from 54 schools in 2013 to over 200 in 2014 means our model will reach more than 20,000 students this year. What’s more, we are now that much closer to our Ten Year Vision of reaching 100,000 students annually in Uganda and expanding into three different countries.

We also love when it all comes together for our Scholars and partner schools—like with their Community Days, which over 85% of our schools will host by the end of the month. As part of Educate!’s curriculum, Community Days challenge Scholars to develop their own leadership skills by connecting with local government and community leaders to identify and develop projects that can help the community.

Iki Iki High School

New partner school Iki Iki High School hosted their first Community Day in early April, where students worked enthusiastically and tirelessly cleaning their school and surrounding community, including the trading center, police compound, and a local health center.Scholars saw the impact they can have on their community and gained experience engaging with local policy makers.Community members came out to express their support and were in awe of the students’ work!

Of course, we must extend a huge thank you to all of our supporters for believing in us and making the dreams of Educate!, and our budding entrepreneurs, a reality. 

Without you, none of this is possible.