Uniting Education Leaders for Africa-wide Change

In September, Educate!, in partnership with Uganda’s National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) and the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sport (MoES), hosted our 2nd Annual Global Conference. Held in four locations across the country, the theme of this year’s event was “Experience the Reform: Skills-Based Education for Sustainable Development”. The conference united educators, policy makers, and key stakeholders in the education space to discuss the ongoing curriculum reforms in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya and to build momentum for transforming education for the next generation of youth. The incredible turnout reinforced one of Educate!’s fundamental beliefs: when we all work together, we can change the landscape of education to guarantee a brighter future for youth in Africa.

Who Was There?

  • Over 500 teachers and administrators from over 300 schools
  • Government officials from 4 African countries
  • Education specialists from Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon, and the US

Educate! Scholars and Business Club members showcased their innovative social enterprises and products at the Gallery Walk. This exhibit enabled attendees to see firsthand how skills-based education has the power to turn classroom learning into tangible results that can change the trajectories of students’ lives. In the Gallery Walk, Educate! youth practiced the hard and soft business skills they learned through Educate!, such as public speaking, product making, bookkeeping, and branding. Conference participants left the exhibit excited to bring the tools to effectively support skills-based learning back to their students, their school, or their national education system.

Gender Awareness Training

The conference included a Gender Awareness Training, which used participatory methods to train teachers to be gender advocates in their schools. The training emphasized the importance of gender-sensitive teaching strategies to support male and female students equally in becoming the leaders and entrepreneurs that drive development for their communities. Following the training, Graduates shared personal stories of how Educate! changed their lives and discussed their perspectives on the role youth play in transforming the future of their countries.

Supporting Curriculum Reform Rollout

The National Curriculum Development Center presentation about the lower secondary curriculum reform was an opportunity for conference attendees to learn more about the reform and engage in discussion with policy makers in preparation for the implementation of the new curriculum.

Other key moments included an in-depth panel discussion on the crucial role teachers play in transforming education and how the government can best support teachers to implement upcoming curriculum changes. Ugandan government officials from the NCDC and MoES presented best practices for effective school leadership, including strategies for administrators to support teachers in optimizing student learning outcomes.

It was a monumental day for us, one that reminded the Educate! team of the power of this large and dedicated community of like-minded individuals, committed to working toward transforming education and improving life outcomes for youth across Africa. We are energized by the success of this event, and excited to carry forward these discussions as we continue to scale our proven solution to reach millions of youth across Africa in the years to come.