Educate! on Al Jazeera English

We have BIG NEWS!

Educate! will be featured in Al Jazeera English’s televised documentary series, Rebel Education, as one of six institutions across the globe that is breaking the mold and creating a radically new vision for 21st century education. You can watch the documentary here.

Pinch us, please!

Why You Should Watch: Emma
Educate! Program Coordinator

Every morning when I wake up, I am excited to come to the Educate! office, because I know I am empowering many young people in a sustainable way and creating better leaders for Africa.

Sometimes to find purpose, we need to go no further than our own backyard. Emma, our Program Coordinator, began his post-collegiate life like a lot of Ugandans: as a struggling entrepreneur.  

“After college I spent a year with no job. I started a business but it failed because I did not have the skills I needed. Luckily, during this difficult time, my college professor shared a volunteer opportunity with me. My role was to travel to poor communities, identify individuals who had lifted themselves out of poverty without assistance, film their stories, and share it with unemployed youth for inspiration. These women and men became mentors to me and piqued my interest in youth development.”

Soon thereafter, Emmanuel saw Educate!’s job posting and was intrigued by the model and culture.  Reflecting back he says, “what attracted me to Educate! is the sustainable approach and the mission. Educate! provides a platform where the students can learn, fail, and try. This builds grit in them to survive when they exit school.”

We can’t wait for you to meet Emma and the rest of our Educate! rockstars. Watch the documentary.

Why You Should Watch: Carol
Educate! Mentor

“My secondary school didn’t have Educate!, but I used to attend Educate! from another school. I used to just escort my friend to that school to attend Educate!”

Carol fought hard to be a part of the Educate! program. She learned about Educate! through word of mouth, and though her school did not have an Educate! program, she was invited to join the program at another school. The experience inspired Carol to mentor youth and help them learn practical skills to improve their lives.  When Carol heard there was an opportunity to become an Educate! Mentor, she jumped at the chance.  She’s been inspiring our team with her passion and enthusiasm ever since.

As a Mentor, Carol loves getting the chance to inspire, to be a role model, and form close relationships with her Scholars. The impact she is able to make on her Scholars’ lives is what motivates her to keep reaching to new heights.

Want to see what makes Carol such an incredible Mentor? Watch the documentary here.

Why You Should Watch: Betty
Educate! Scholar

“We are not all about making profits, but we are all about putting a positive impact to the rest of the people.” 

Betty is not your average teenager and, this month, you’ll get to see why.

Confident and motivated by making an impact in her community, Betty is guaranteed to shine through the screen as she explains how her project, making reusable sanitary pads, not only earns revenue for her Educate! Student Business Club, but also supports young women in her community to be healthy and stay in school.  

Charismatic, full of determination, a true leader, Betty occupies her role in the Student Business Club with unwavering pride, a quality she no doubt inherited from her mother. Their relationship, featured in the documentary, is a treat to witness. They are friends and when they work together on their sewing machines, they sing in unison and plan for the future of their family.

Betty is not your average teenager, but she is your quintessential Educate! Scholar. We can’t wait for you to meet her in our Al Jazeera English documentary.