Reaching More Youth with Open Source Curriculum, Offline


52% of the world’s population lacks access the internet.

For learners of all ages, this represents a missed opportunity to access the wealth of educational resources made available on the internet.


OER2Go, a tool created by World Possible, is a collection of educational websites re-packaged for download and offline use. It allows teachers, schools, and other educational organizations to deploy “Open Educational Resources” in areas where internet access is limited, expensive, or non-existent. Importantly, all of the modules on OER2Go are free for anyone to use and download at anytime. In 2017, this tool reached an estimated half a million learners around the world.

This year, Educate!’s open-source curriculum was included on OER2Go alongside other innovative resources from UNESCO, Khan Academy, Ted Talks, Wikipedia. We’ve always been committed to “copylefting” our curriculum to create the greatest impact possible around the world. To date, we have shared our curriculum with over 150 organizations globally, and continue to iterate and improve our materials with feedback and lessons learned from its users and our own research.

In 2019 and beyond, our curriculum will be reaching more youth than ever thanks to our partnership with World Possible. Learn more by exploring OER2Go’s contents or downloading Educate!’s curriculum and course materials.