Educate! believes that by transforming secondary education, we can equip youth with the skills to disrupt the systemic problem of youth unemployment. By creating a new educational model that reforms what schools teach and how they teach it, Educate! is empowering teachers and youth mentors to equip students with the skills to drive measurable change.


The Educate! Experience


Educate! works within existing schools and national education systems. Our model is adapted to fit the context of each country we work in, so our in-school programs look different in each country. In Uganda, our in-school program is called the Educate! Experience.


The model is comprised of the following components:

Scholars don’t get scores, they fight for knowledge. As a Scholar you make your own dreams come true.
— Mentor Emma

Educate! is working toward full scale in Uganda, and this year our model will be in over 750 schools impacting over 25,000 youth there.

That’s 25% of secondary schools nationwide.


Copylefting: It’s only right


Educate! believes in paying it forward. Our curriculum was developed with the support of leading organizations around the world. We show our gratitude for their help and support by freely sharing our curriculum with everyone working for a common goal.

We are completely open-source with our curriculum.  What does that mean exactly? We copyleft it, the opposite of copyright, to ensure that we can have the greatest impact possible around the world. To date we have shared our curriculum with over 150 organizations. Much of the curriculum can be applied across cultures and many of our copylefting partners tailor the case studies and other aspects of the curriculum to their local contexts.

You can receive a copy of our curriculum by completing this form.