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2018 Uganda Reach

Educate! launched its flagship program, the Educate! Experience, in Uganda in 2009. This program provides students with leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness training, along with mentorship, to start real businesses at school.

In Uganda, our services include:


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Stories from Uganda

Caroline has an inextinguishable desire to create exponential impact within her community. Troubled by the high number of pregnant teenage girls who drop out of school every year, Caroline started an initiative called Babies of Hope, which aims to empower and develop the skills of entrepreneurial young mothers, while preventing malnutrition among infants. Babies of Hope is Caroline’s labor of love, but it’s just one part of her busy life. Since her community initiative generates impact but not income, Caroline leverages her Educate! training into real world earnings. She has established a small business where she produces paper bags and sells them to independent buyers and supermarkets who use them for packaging. This endeavor is not only income-generating, but also environmentally friendly. The paper bags, which are made with recycled paper and cassava root glue, are biodegradable and reusable.

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